My new game – VIP Team

Learning how to play poker is easy, however, despite the many variations of the game we all know "Luck" plays an incredible important role at the tablesThe variations of poker differ based on a number of factors: the way cards are dealt to players, the way hands are formed or combined. If you ask me, having a winning streak at it could be very difficult. I once played Omaha thinking the outcome will be the same as when playing Holdem, but I found that you can win more playing less hands if you take your chances, creating as many combinations as possible from your pocket cards. All this, even before the board is set. Don't get me wrong, you can also lose a lot more but for some reason I don't see this type of game more difficult than Holdem; many players like it, others don't.

In my poker carrer, I always thought that holdem was the game to play, as it is advertised everywhere, but finding your own variation of poker might turn you into a big winner. Since I started with Omaha, I have won more than what I have ever invested in other games, BlackJack included. Take opportunities; learn how other player react against your calls and you will find yourself becoming a good if not great player.

My new game - VIP Team

That's what I did and have worked a lot at the tables and the most important thing; I am finally increasing my bankroll. Hope you find your game and I wish you all the best for this 2019.

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